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Piamonte by Fernandes

The final of the 3 sets shot by Nirmala in Piamonte, Italy. these were totally spontaneous and I am not wearing any make up.
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Bonus Set – Images from Yerbury trip to Venice

I was in Venice recently for a few days, on an amazing workshop led by Faye and Trevor Yerbury, a husband and wife photography team who I have been working with for many years.

Here are some of my favorite images taken during that trip by Trevor and Faye and by some of the students at the workshop.

As well as being an accomplished photographer, Faye is also a skilled hair dresser, here she fashioned an art deco style wig for me for a different look.

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Demeter by Bryon McCartney

Lazy Tuscan light streams over a field ready for harvest, warming on golden skin and land. Demeter, Corn-Mother, the classical goddess of the harvest resides over grain and the fertility of the Earth.

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