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The WC by Mcinnes

Ive had this set for a while, I couldnt decide to publish it or not as I found the colours difficult to work with. I had a member request for a similar set however, and after some tweaking ive managed to achieve a colour result that Im actually quite happy with, I hope that you like them too, bit of a different setting for this set :).
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Bonus Set with Backstage Images – Latex and Bondage

I was in California recently for a nice month travel and vacation. While I was there I squeezed in a few nice photo shoots.

These are back stage images during one of these shoots. The idea of the shoot was for me and another model to model some very cool leather and latex wear from a designer. The images would be shot in a sequence that would end up with the other model in a complicated and difficult looking bondage suspension.
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Bonus Set Second Skin by RBB2 **WITH VIDEO**

A custom made latex corset, bringing my waist to a mere 18 inches combined with matching latex gloves and stockings with wild looking hair.

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Lovely Latex by Cojac

Im never one to turn down a request to do something new. So when latex enthusiast Cojac emailed me to ask me to shoot with him for his 2011 latex series, how could I refuse!

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