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Outward Glance by McInnes

Hair and Make up by Jak Morgan
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Black Robe by McInnes

Playing with a cool retro camera by window light.

With thanks to member David Greenfield  for donating the beautiful black gown and stockings x

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Afternoon Fetish by McInnes

Whats your afternoon fetish?

Hair and make up by Jak Morgan.

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Andalusia Backstage with Video


Like I said on my blog, I was in Andalusia in Spain for a 1 week photography workshop held by Thorsten Jankowski last month.

He took the main image here on that workshop.

I made my own backstage images and little video (the video and images are both in the zip file).
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Good Morning (Part 3) by McInnes

I wake up slowly, bathed in morning light then shower, make myself beautiful and ready for the day and then prepare a tasty breakfast of rich coffee with freshly baked bread...
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Siren by Jens Edman

This set is shot on a beach on the south of Crete, not so far from where I was born, and takes its name from a famous statue in Belgium, that strikes an amazing similarity to a few of the images contained within this set.

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Wise by Stefan Soell

Another set shot in the breath taking Swiss Alps by Stefan Soell, at the last light of day.

Here below is a back stage image  of me posing in some sun glasses below at the start of the decent into the valley we shot in, and a few of my holiday snaps of some pretty things that I saw during the trip 🙂

I found the Swiss cows with their furry ears particularly cute.... They say they make chocolate milk you know!

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Window Dancer by McInnes

A 70's styled window display, with hair and Makeup by Jak Morgan.
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After Midnight with Joya, by Ivor Paanakker

Joya, with her exotic Mediterranean looks, and curvaceous body instantly appealed to me.

The minute I saw here I knew we had to try a shoot together. With roots from Spain and Algeria, but raised in France her mix pleasantly compliments my Greek Scottish origins.

She came to the Netherlands by train from Paris, and we shot three fully styled sets in a manor house in the North of the country.

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French Froggies and Frankfrutters

Here are some casual portraits I just received from French photographer Richard Bulenzi. They were taken last Monday in Paris (I guess the sort of famous landmark gave that one away!). We have just arranged another shoot for next month :)!

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Wedding Dress Shoot – Backstage Images

I was in Belgium, close to the dutch border for a video and photo shoot for an Italian wedding dress designer yesterday. I really enjoyed dressing up as a pretty bride for the day, and all the dresses were so beautiful and elegant! They were all made from real silks and chiffon and fitted so nicely!

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Alpine Afair by Stefan Soell

The most breathtaking of views over the Swiss Alps. There is not much else that could be said for these images that could possible do them justice.... 
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