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Another Neck tie by McInnes

And now the Inverse!  I love for the infrared lense makes my skin a weird ghostly colour, and my black skirt turn to white! Very cool!
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Neck Tie by McInnes

Hair and Makeup by Jak Morgan
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Telephone by McInnes

Call when you want,
But there's no one home,
And you're not gonna reach my telephone!
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Affair Part 2 by McInnes

The second part of "Affair" by McInnes, perfectly timed for Valentines.
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Affair by McInnes

Part One of Two 🙂
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Ghost by McInnes

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Portraits by McInnes

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The WC by Mcinnes

Ive had this set for a while, I couldnt decide to publish it or not as I found the colours difficult to work with. I had a member request for a similar set however, and after some tweaking ive managed to achieve a colour result that Im actually quite happy with, I hope that you like them too, bit of a different setting for this set :).
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Hippie by McInnes

Dancing like a hippie 🙂
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Dress by McInnes

Hair and Make up by the lovely Jak Morgan
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Outward Glance by McInnes

Hair and Make up by Jak Morgan
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Attraction by McInnes

"You say that you need my love
And you're wantin' my body, I don't mind
Baby all I've got is time
And I'm waiting to make you mine"

Hair and Makeup by Jak Morgan.

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