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By becoming a member of this site you will receive access to thousands of high resolution artistic images.  I handpick and process each image to ensure the best quality. I guarantee to update this site every week with a new exclusive image set but often update more than once.

Each images set contains dozens of images, most 4000 pixels , some with high definition video and back stage images to match.

There is also a “News” area which I update with all my latest news and also my travel images, videos and backstage stuff.  you will also not find this anywhere else on the web.

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I give a special thank you present to long term members  :).

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Also please note there is currently a Paypal bug that means that the Paypal pages will appear in Dutch and not English when viewed from the US (Grrrr!). If your browser does not translate automatically and you are having problems with this, send me an email and I can send you back a screen shot of what the page should say in English.

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Any breach of copyright WILL result in legal action.

If you wish to use a photo from the public area for a feature or for anything else, please fill out the contact form for my permission, don’t worry though,if you ask nicely, I wont bite.

Please understand that this is my full time job. I really enjoy this job, it is my passion!  But I run this site myself, without any financial backing. The money that I earn from membership mostly goes back into the running of the site (pretty photography, models, locations and outfits have to be paid for!).

Illegal image sharing is theft and will result in me not being able to fund this job. This means no more pretty images for you.

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