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Wise by Stefan Soell

Another set shot in the breath taking Swiss Alps by Stefan Soell, at the last light of day.

Here below is a back stage image ¬†of me posing in some sun glasses below at the start of the decent into the valley we shot in, and a few of my holiday snaps of some pretty things that I saw during the trip ūüôā

I found the Swiss cows with their furry ears particularly cute.... They say they make chocolate milk you know!

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Alpine Afair by Stefan Soell

The most breathtaking of views over the Swiss Alps. There is not much else that could be said for these images that could possible do them justice.... 
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Arch by Aesthetique

Here is another sequence shot in Spain with English photographer Aesthetique. We found this room with the most fantastic view inside the old derelict clinic that we were shooting in.  The view actually reminds me a lot of my birthplace, Crete.

How I would love to live somewhere with a view like this!

We were half way through shooting however, when the guardia civil arrived!  I had to run and hide around the corner (naked and in my bare feet!), and the photographer pretended to be doing landscape photography.  I'm sure the police wouldn't have minded a naked girl, and would have just made a joke of it or asked us to move on, but I didnt want to take the risk!

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