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Blossom by Stefan Soell

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Gabriella by Norbert B – Corfete

One of my good friends, Gabriella, looking sultry and beautiful in a sand dune. 
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Pear Blossom by Stefan Soell

Sing, sing, sing, you blackbirds!

Sing, you beautiful thrush!
It's Spring, Spring, Spring; so sing, sing, sing,
From dawn till the stars say "hush".

See, see, see the blossom
On the Pear Tree shining white!
It will fall like snow, but the pears will grow
For people's and birds' delight.

Build, build, build, you chaffinch;
Build, you robin and wren,
A safe warm nest where your eggs may rest;
Then sit, sit, sit, little hen
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Good Morning (out takes and back stage)

Here is a selection of my favorite out takes and back stage images, taken on the day that the "Good Morning" sequence was shot.

They include images that I wanted to include in the sets, but couldn't because of blurry hands or something showing up in the background, lighting trials, and also some images showing the fun I have during a days shooting.

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Good Morning (Part 3) by McInnes

I wake up slowly, bathed in morning light then shower, make myself beautiful and ready for the day and then prepare a tasty breakfast of rich coffee with freshly baked bread...
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Almost There by McInnes

This photo set is short and simple, I almost decided not so use it because of this , but then thought that the images were just too beautiful not to share!

(hair and makeup by Jak Morgan)
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Oliver Pezzot shoot results and Marc Lagrange news…..

I'm feeling a little bitty yucky and under the weather today, think I worked too hard in Paris :(. So Im taking it easy, staying at home and having an early night with lots of cups of tea.... well so much for my 1st Saturday off in a ages, but on the bright side I have time to do my blog update and watch bad Scottish accents in Rob Roy on the TV!

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Pure by Chris **WITH VIDEO**

Sunshine streams through the large bay window of a Victorian English house in early Spring.

Simple sunny nude images shot spur of the moment during a commercial shoot in a natural and light style complete with a smiling backstage video.

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Fairyland by Stefan Soell

In a mild Swiss September afternoon, we found this delightfully enchanted looking dried up burn whilst hiking en route to a different shoot location. The way the light streamed through the overhead branches and the intense green shades of the moss made me think of a fairy tale book that I read as a child.

This is also one of my favorite sets to date!

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Good Morning (part 1) by McInnes

The first part of a three part series.... just me, fresh and natural, just woken up, in the morning 🙂

Click here to view Part 2

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