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Home by Stefano Brunesci

Where the heart is <3
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Pool with A View by Jens Edman

During May 2012 reclining by a beautiful pool and admiring a perfect view in Alicante, Spain with the hot sun on my bare body.
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Pure by Chris **WITH VIDEO**

Sunshine streams through the large bay window of a Victorian English house in early Spring.

Simple sunny nude images shot spur of the moment during a commercial shoot in a natural and light style complete with a smiling backstage video.

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Alpine Afair by Stefan Soell

The most breathtaking of views over the Swiss Alps. There is not much else that could be said for these images that could possible do them justice.... 
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Volcanic by Aesthetique

This could be Mars! Its not though, its an extinct Volcano in the South of Spain :).

Shot at the end of the day as the days light is nearing to an end, observe a body relaxed and warmed by the sun in the most amazing and surreal of locations.

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Sunrise Glory by Aesthetique

Shot on a beach in Almeria at the break of dawn.

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Railway to Heaven by Stefan Soell

This is taken on an abandoned railway bridge that runs over to the source of the river Danube in Germany.
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Argen by Stefan Soell

The photographer chose this name. Do you know what it means? Chocolate cookie for the first correct answer :).

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Arch by Aesthetique

Here is another sequence shot in Spain with English photographer Aesthetique. We found this room with the most fantastic view inside the old derelict clinic that we were shooting in.  The view actually reminds me a lot of my birthplace, Crete.

How I would love to live somewhere with a view like this!

We were half way through shooting however, when the guardia civil arrived!  I had to run and hide around the corner (naked and in my bare feet!), and the photographer pretended to be doing landscape photography.  I'm sure the police wouldn't have minded a naked girl, and would have just made a joke of it or asked us to move on, but I didnt want to take the risk!

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The Clinic Window by Aesthetique

Shot in Almeria in the South of Spain in April in a derelict clinic with a breathtaking view over the Alboran Sea.
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Bonus Set by Drystellas

Heres a wee bonus set for you, due to the fact that it wasn't shot exclusively for dreamingofzoi, its not downloadable in high res format though. I thought rather than not share such breathtakingly beautiful images with you, I would still include it in here for you to view online. It was shot in March in a nature reserve in Scotland using an analogue camera.

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Demeter by Bryon McCartney

Lazy Tuscan light streams over a field ready for harvest, warming on golden skin and land. Demeter, Corn-Mother, the classical goddess of the harvest resides over grain and the fertility of the Earth.

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