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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 2

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Leopard by Ben Ernst

A Leopard lay amidst the trees,
hiding in its greeny leaves,
Lazing in the noon day sun,
with no desire, none to run.

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Puerta by Aesthetique

Thinking of a warm sunny place!

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Gabriella by Stefan Soell – Moss

Another set of my beautiful friend Gabriella shot by the Stefan Soell, if you look, you can find me shooting with Stefan at this same location ūüôā
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Red and Green by Stefan Soell

"Red and Green, should never be seen, except on a gypsie queen!"
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Well Summer is most definitely over, and we are well into Autumn.

I love this time of year. The rustic golden hues trees and pavement outside my house, the eerie fog in the early hours, the carved pumpkins on my window sill and the cosy collection of winter hats and scarves that I have looked out.

Soon it will be time for sparklers and bonfires, my birthday :), frozen canals, home made soup and then Christmas trees!
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Rust by Aesthetique

Everything can rust.....

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Wise by Stefan Soell

Another set shot in the breath taking Swiss Alps by Stefan Soell, at the last light of day.

Here below is a back stage image ¬†of me posing in some sun glasses below at the start of the decent into the valley we shot in, and a few of my holiday snaps of some pretty things that I saw during the trip ūüôā

I found the Swiss cows with their furry ears particularly cute.... They say they make chocolate milk you know!

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Lila by Stefan Soell

"only you can make me swoon

my lilac girl"

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