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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 1

We took too many images here, we were having too much fun! So its a 2 part set 🙂 More on the way!

Have you seen this dress before somewhere?

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The Woods by Ben Ernst

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Garden by Rbb2

Wearing a beautiful sheer vintage robe, as seen in their work with Aria Geovani, this was my first outside shoot by RBB2.

RBB2 were also responsible for the fantastic makeup and styling in these images. I hope that you like them! 
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India by Stefan Soell

Shot in the Swiss Alps, but with a very Indian twist :). 
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Relax by Chris, with video!

Doing some nice relaxing sunbathing in the garden, lets hope the neighbors don't see 😛

This set is shot in England and has happy, vibrant and sunny colours. There is also a lovely video clip to go along side the images.
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