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Affair by McInnes

Part One of Two 🙂
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Sheer Purple by Aesthetique

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Ghost by McInnes

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VaVoom! by Ivo Rikkert

Lets start the year with a it of Va Va Voom!!! 
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Beach Stroll by Rod Cappon – Part 3

I'd like to wish you all a lovely Christmas, if you are not celebrating Christmas, I hope that you are still having a lovely day. I will be celebrating it by cooking for 19 friends and family members, from three different countries. I scheduled this a few days back, as right now I'm probably either fist deep in (organic, free range, Kelly Bronze) turkey, or if its later on in the day, very merry! I'm actually normally a vegetarian, but Christmas is one of the few times per year I will eat a little meat. Hope you enjoy the images! X
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Beach Stroll by Rod Cappon – Part 2

The Second part...... 🙂
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Beach Stroll by Rod Cappon – Part 1

Christmas is almost here, and for an extra special treat, Ill be uploading an amazing set shot on this beach on the same day, each day for the next three days! I know a lot of you like art nude shoots, and beach shoots, so here is a combination of both. Shot by Australian photographer Rod, on holiday with Jenni Chez earlier this year in Portugal.
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Portraits by McInnes

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The Woods by Ben Ernst

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Space Oddity by Rod Cappon – Earth

Planet Earth is Blue...... and there nothin I can do
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Space Oddity by Rod Capon – Mars

I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
For here am I sitting in my tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do
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FaroeLight by Rod Capon

Hello Members, I was away in Valencia for a few nights there to celebrate my birthday (spent eating, drinking and shopping for nice Spanish shoes), and I got home to a nice Dropbox link containing TEN sets that I shot earlier this year in Portugal with an Australian photographer Rod Capon.

We were both there for one of Jenni Czecks photo holidays - me being a model and Rod being a "helper" but I also managed to shoot this spectacular content during some extra days. I will be uploading it over the next few months. My favorite sets were taken during beach shoots at sunset, so those of you who were requesting beach shoots with be very VERY happy.

I am wearing a beautiful vintage Valentino negligee in this set, made from Italian Silk.

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