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Burlesque by RBB2

"Underneath the city lights

There is a world few know about

Where rules don't apply, no

And you can't keep a good girl down"

Hair, makeup and styling also all by RBB2.

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Emotion by RBB2

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Bonus Set – Sheer Robe by RBB2

Here is another beautiful bonus set shot by RBB2.  I wear a vintage sheer silk robe, authentic from the 1960s. Its beautiful sheer silky material is soft to touch and beautifully transparent against my skin. This set has a full 80 images. I felt like a real movie star shooting this set and find these images among the most feminine on here.

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Bonus Set Cream Lace by RBB2

A different look at the Sugar Coated images that were uploaded
last week. These images were taken at the same time, but an effect was used on the camera at the time of shooting to give a totally different look.

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Bonus Set – Sugar Coated by RBB2 with Video

A far east inspired outfit. A 20 inch corset over a cream silk lace negligee with matching hold ups. With a fun back stage video.

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Bonus Set Silk by RBB2

Shot in Toulon, France by RBB2. Hair and Make up by Claire Make Up artist.
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September Stuff

Ok, where to start! September has been a really hectic month during which I was only at home for a few days.

At the start of the month I have a few shoots in Switzerland. One of these shoots was with Marcus Ernts (Creativpic Photography) whom I have worked with before.

He shot these cool swimwear images next to an old over grown sauna in the Swiss Countryside:
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Bonus Set Glam by RBB2

Because every girl needs some glamour 🙂

I just love the silky feel and glamorous look of this unusual vintage style body, and combined with a spot light lighting effect it really gives the vintage touch.

Shot in Toulon, France by RBB2. lingerie by Made by Niki.

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Bonus Set Second Skin by RBB2 **WITH VIDEO**

A custom made latex corset, bringing my waist to a mere 18 inches combined with matching latex gloves and stockings with wild looking hair.

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Bonus Set Piano Shawl by RBB2

Shot in France, this set uses a genuine antique piano shawl from America for styling. These shawls were used in the 1800's for ladies playing the piano, to keep there shoulders warm but arms free.

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Bonus Set Vintage Glamour by RBB2

This sequence is inspired by the iconic symbols of the silver screen in the 1920s and 30s. It was shot in France by a charming and kind husband and wife team. Their philosophy is to work completely without the use of retouching, hence the natural beauty of these images.

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