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Beach Stroll by Rod Cappon – Part 3

I'd like to wish you all a lovely Christmas, if you are not celebrating Christmas, I hope that you are still having a lovely day. I will be celebrating it by cooking for 19 friends and family members, from three different countries. I scheduled this a few days back, as right now I'm probably either fist deep in (organic, free range, Kelly Bronze) turkey, or if its later on in the day, very merry! I'm actually normally a vegetarian, but Christmas is one of the few times per year I will eat a little meat. Hope you enjoy the images! X
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Nice Backstage Pics and Video

I was in Nice for a few days last week shooting for a calender.  Who the calender is for has to be kept secret, but I did manage to take some backstage images and a wee video for my members :)....

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Pure by Chris **WITH VIDEO**

Sunshine streams through the large bay window of a Victorian English house in early Spring.

Simple sunny nude images shot spur of the moment during a commercial shoot in a natural and light style complete with a smiling backstage video.

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