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Victorian Gothic by Stefan Soell

There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.
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Baths by Stefan Soell

We shot in this cool vintage bathhouse.

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The WC by Mcinnes

Ive had this set for a while, I couldnt decide to publish it or not as I found the colours difficult to work with. I had a member request for a similar set however, and after some tweaking ive managed to achieve a colour result that Im actually quite happy with, I hope that you like them too, bit of a different setting for this set :).
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Stocking Play by Iain T

Another beautiful vintage inspired set by Iain, I am wearing high waist satin pants with attached suspenders with skin colour stockings and matching white satin heels, finished off with a lace borello and a set of real pearls. 
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Home by Stefano Brunesci

Where the heart is <3
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Black Robe by McInnes

Playing with a cool retro camera by window light.

With thanks to member David Greenfield  for donating the beautiful black gown and stockings x

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Red Light by McInnes

In an apartment in Glasgow....
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