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Gabriella by Stefan Soell – Alpine

My beautiful, petite, blonde friend. We met on a photo shoot for a calender in France, and then again on a photography workshop in Austria. We became good friends.

Shot high in the Swiss Alps on a stunning backdrop of green Alpine nature by one of my favorite photographers Stefan Soell.
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Bonus Set – Zurich Video by Stephan Brauchli

I was in Switzerland shooting fine art nude with Stephan Brauchli (see bonus set Jurasic), and on the day that I was leaving we shot this impromptu video in Zurich before the flight. The screen shots are below:
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Bonus Set- Jurassic by Stephan Brauchli

A bonus set shot by Stephan Brauchli in Switzerland.  I am in love with these images, the shape of my body is complimented so well by strong layered structure of the rocks. Of course, as this is a bonus set, and was "gifted" to me by Stefan, it is not available for download. We made a fun little video in Zurich the day after this shoot before I got my flight home and I will post that next week :).
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Oread by Stefan Soell

Ορειαδες or Oread, is a type of forest dwelling nymph from Greek mythology.
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**BONUS IMAGES** Stephen Brauchli-Mars

I'm a super sexy naked space cowboy from Mars 🙂
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Wise by Stefan Soell

Another set shot in the breath taking Swiss Alps by Stefan Soell, at the last light of day.

Here below is a back stage image  of me posing in some sun glasses below at the start of the decent into the valley we shot in, and a few of my holiday snaps of some pretty things that I saw during the trip 🙂

I found the Swiss cows with their furry ears particularly cute.... They say they make chocolate milk you know!

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**BONUS SET with VIDEO** Sousaphone by Stephan Brauchli

These fine artistic nude images incorporate the female form with the hard, cold metal of brass musical instruments.  They were shot by Stephan Brauchli in a studio close to Basel in Switzerland during a very fun-filled shoot.

He has kindly let me share them with you on here, and also agreed to make this small back stage video for me to use here during the shoot.   This is my first try at ever playing a brass instrument, I thought I did it rather well :).

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Eight Days in Europe

Hi Ho!

Sleepy Zoi! I got home late last night from eight days of non-stop shooting in Zurich, Friedrichshafen and Munich (with a brief stop in Austria!). That's also why I haven't posted anything here for a while.

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Off to Switzerland, and Robert Cebulski shoot results

I had a shoot last week in Rotterdam with a photorgpaher living in Belgium called Robert Cobulski.

We shot for two of his projects, the image shown across is the first piece in his new series "Wake up". We also shot the final piece of his "I'm the Queen" series which you can see on his website:

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Alpine Afair by Stefan Soell

The most breathtaking of views over the Swiss Alps. There is not much else that could be said for these images that could possible do them justice.... 
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Fairyland by Stefan Soell

In a mild Swiss September afternoon, we found this delightfully enchanted looking dried up burn whilst hiking en route to a different shoot location. The way the light streamed through the overhead branches and the intense green shades of the moss made me think of a fairy tale book that I read as a child.

This is also one of my favorite sets to date!

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