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Here is a list of photographers that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Each of of them has inspired me in some way;

Andre Brito

Andreas H Bitesnich

Demetrios Drystellas

Erwin Olaf

Greg Gorman

Guido Argentini

Ian McInnes

IVOR Paanakker

Jef Poldervaart

John Barone

Marc Lagrange 


 Rene de Haan

Rik Scott

Stefan Soell

Thorsten Jankowski

Trevor and Faye Yerbury

Yoram Roth

And below are a few models that inspire me.



Ella Rose




(Ella Rose and me  by Ben Ernst)

William Blake Said "The nakedness of woman is the work of God". I cherish my body and I enjoy demonstrating the subtle sophistication of the human form, enhanced perhaps by leather, silk or satin, but always with flair and finesse.

I have modelled for some of Europe's most accomplished photographers, in some of the most admired nude art magazines, but with a background in fashion and lingerie modelling I also infuse my work with clever styling and imaginative elegance.


Nowhere by Thorsten Jankowski

Nowhere is actually a sand mine in the West of Germany, shot on a cold but clear winters day.

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Fabric Works by Thorsten Jankowski

Shot in Germany by Thorsten Jankowski in his studio, we experimented with suspended fabric to make grand, dynamic poses.

An image from this was also used in for the front cover of a well known German photography magazine, prints can be purchased from Thorsten Jankoskis own website.

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Frankfurt fun and froliking

As promised, here are some images taken at the Thorsten Jankowskis workshop in FACE studios close to Frankfurt, Germany:

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French Froggies and Frankfrutters

Here are some casual portraits I just received from French photographer Richard Bulenzi. They were taken last Monday in Paris (I guess the sort of famous landmark gave that one away!). We have just arranged another shoot for next month :)!

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Workshop with Thorsten Jankowski

I fly to Frankfurt tonight for a 2 day workshop with Thorsten Jankowski where he is guest photographer at FACE studios. The workshop sold out within a few weeks, so if you are one of the lucky few, I look forward to seeing you there! I have already met several of the delegates on past jobs, so look forward to catching up, and will enjoy meeting those that I have not met before!

Also, I have just heard that there is a pool and sauna in the hotel.... and that I have to pack my bikini.... HAPPY DAYS 🙂  Was just thinking yesterday about a lovely warm sauna!  I've been working too much and my back is hurting for all the fancy posing (yes I am getting old!). Exactly what the doctor called for :).  I know how Ill be spending my Saturday night!

And also, here is a great image by a delegate, Kalinighta photography, at the last workshop I did with Thorsten in Braunchweig.

Have a good weekend folks, and i'll catch you on Monday!






Photography Workshop with Thorsten Jankowski

I have been booked to model at a fantastic week long photography workshop this October with Thorsten Jankowski, who I have worked with many times before.

Here is the link for interested photographers, there are limited places left:
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