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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 2

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Olive Tree by Rod Capon, Part 1

We took too many images here, we were having too much fun! So its a 2 part set 🙂 More on the way!

Have you seen this dress before somewhere?

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The Woods by Ben Ernst

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Leopard by Ben Ernst

A Leopard lay amidst the trees,
hiding in its greeny leaves,
Lazing in the noon day sun,
with no desire, none to run.

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Donau by Stefan Soell

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Pear Blossom by Stefan Soell

Sing, sing, sing, you blackbirds!

Sing, you beautiful thrush!
It's Spring, Spring, Spring; so sing, sing, sing,
From dawn till the stars say "hush".

See, see, see the blossom
On the Pear Tree shining white!
It will fall like snow, but the pears will grow
For people's and birds' delight.

Build, build, build, you chaffinch;
Build, you robin and wren,
A safe warm nest where your eggs may rest;
Then sit, sit, sit, little hen
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