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Bambi Mag and Toads

Hello Lovelies

Alongside travelling about to photo shoot adventures I've also been doing some conservation work for an issue that is close to my heart.
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10 Common Questions that I am Asked.

In no particular order, here are ten questions that I am commonly asked by photographers and people that I meet for the first time.
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Wall by Stefano Brunesci with backstage video

Last Autumn I worked with the famous black and white photographer Stefano Brunesci in England. I'm very happy to have two sets to show you from that day, here is the first and the second will come in a few weeks. Some images from the session were also featured in Cole Magazine which I am very happy about. Cole is a new high end erotic and nude magazine edited by a lovely Norwegan photographer, Dana Cole. Below you can see me with a signed first edition that Dana sent me :). If you want to purchase a signed copy of the set from this magazine let me know!

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Playmate South Africa

I had some other very nice news in December. Ana Dias, a great Portuguese Photographer asked me to shoot with her for Playboy. The images were published in South African Playboy as Playmate of the month for February, 2014 🙂 🙂 :).
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Questions and Anwers

Hello Members!

I have had some feedback about personalising the site and think that it is a great idea!

So I have decided to do a questions and answers video interview and upload it.

How it will work. You can email me ( with Question as the email title) a list of a few questions that you would like me to answer (3 or 4 max), I choose 10 questions of my choice to answer and make a really nice video up of my reading the questions and answers aloud in an artistic way 🙂 (or at least I will try to!).

Please keep the questions clean and respectful :).

I will close submissions on the 15th of June, so 1 month from now, and upload the video at the end of June.


PS. If it goes well, I will start doing this every couple of months!

PPS. the feature image is by Stephan Brauchli.

Andalusia Download Link is Fixed

Sensual Photography Book

I am privileged to have some images included in a new multi photographer book titled "Sensual Photography".

The book features sensually shot photography with women as the subject by 47 different artists from around the globe.

My images were taken by Russian photographer Vladimir Ukolov.

I have four images featured in the book.

Here is a preview :).

Now I will go back to my bed, as I'm really not feeling so well 🙁 :(.


New Year New Portraits

I was in Amsterdam last week shooting with dutch photographer Bas Brummans for the second time. We worked on images following a few different themes,  below are the results:

Here are some nude portraits that he took of me, Im really in love with this sailor hat in the first image, I think I need to find myself one from somewhere! :
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I Love Snow!

Winter has finally spread its icy tentacles over Europe and the lands are carpeted in a pristine white blanket of snow. Where I live, we have been graced with a full 15cm.

For frequent travelers (not I this month!) and wildlife this is a white nightmare. For others it is a Wonderland.

I, being determined to get images in the snow, grabbed a friend and went and played in the snow yesterday! I came up with two concepts, and made a full set from each.
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Changes and Whats to Come.


I've been making a few pages to the site, so things should now be running a wee bit faster. Woohoo! The bit where you can rate sets has unfortunately been turned off as it was making a massive difference in how long the pages took to load up (1.5 seconds per page slower!). I hope you enjoy the new slightly improved site :).
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Toi Toi and Dixie Calender 2013


I hope you are all enjoying the festive season and getting in the mood for Christmas! I certainly am and in my lounge I have never seen so many presents under one Christmas tree :).

Its been a while since I blogged. I have been in Japan and Korea doing some modelling and some sightseeing. I now am shoot free for the next 3 weeks though, so have plenty time to catch up!
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Scotland and some old Jan Scholz images!

Its not Burns day (thats a really Scottishy day in January during which we eat haggis and drink whiskey and quote the words of our most famous poet, Robert Burns).

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