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Stone by Stefan Soell

I just found this it was literally shot years ago, I thought I had already shared these images from this year working with Stefan but apparently not... so here you go!

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Sunset WW by Brecht

Wearing my Wicked Weasel lingerie at sunset 🙂 Should I buy this in black too?
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Mermaid by Luc Bollen

Shot locally by Luc Bollen, wearing a beautiful sea shell head piece that my good friend Nirmala made for me!
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Another Neck tie by McInnes

And now the Inverse!  I love for the infrared lense makes my skin a weird ghostly colour, and my black skirt turn to white! Very cool!
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Neck Tie by McInnes

Hair and Makeup by Jak Morgan
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Telephone by McInnes

Call when you want,
But there's no one home,
And you're not gonna reach my telephone!
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Blue Door by Rod Capon

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Victorian Gothic by Stefan Soell

There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.
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Sunhat by Macey King

Once upon a time on a very windy day......

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Dunes by Rod Capon

Stretching in the Dunes.
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Bonus Set – Box by Eric Kellermen

This is not a downloadable set, but is some art work with Dutch a photographer for a book project that I think I should still share on here.
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Tic Toc by Luc Bollen

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