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Space Oddity by Rod Cappon – Earth

Planet Earth is Blue...... and there nothin I can do
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Space Oddity by Rod Capon – Mars

I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
For here am I sitting in my tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there's nothing I can do
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FaroeLight by Rod Capon

Hello Members, I was away in Valencia for a few nights there to celebrate my birthday (spent eating, drinking and shopping for nice Spanish shoes), and I got home to a nice Dropbox link containing TEN sets that I shot earlier this year in Portugal with an Australian photographer Rod Capon.

We were both there for one of Jenni Czecks photo holidays - me being a model and Rod being a "helper" but I also managed to shoot this spectacular content during some extra days. I will be uploading it over the next few months. My favorite sets were taken during beach shoots at sunset, so those of you who were requesting beach shoots with be very VERY happy.

I am wearing a beautiful vintage Valentino negligee in this set, made from Italian Silk.

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Leopard by Ben Ernst

A Leopard lay amidst the trees,
hiding in its greeny leaves,
Lazing in the noon day sun,
with no desire, none to run.

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Fashion by Stefano Brunesci

Don't you just love fashion??
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Ready? By Ivo Rikkert

Fabulous hair and makeup by Mariska de Jong.
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Sunset by Tycho

Ive had some beach requests in, so here is one, shot two weeks ago on a Dutch beach at Sunset. Luckily, you are allowed to be nude on Dutch beaches.
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Lumberjack by Fernandes

As promised, here is another shoot shot a few weeks ago by my friend Nirmala in the
Italian Alps.  This was totally spontaneous, so I'm wearing Nirmalas shirt (which I think she in turn borrowed from her boyfriend) and no makeup. I love the results though, the lumberjack shirt matches the wooded background well.

Ill put the last set next week, its a more arty, black and white one shot on some beautiful rocks.

Last week I was in London and I shot a few new sets with Stefano Brunesci, full of energy and punch. Ill try to get those to you next.

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Just for fun by Fernandes

It just so happened that when I was hiking in the Italian Alps last week with my good friend Nirmala (and our dogs, Dushi and Sfera) we decided to take some spur of the moment images.  I didn't have a scrape of makeup on, hadn't styled my hair, or have  any cool styling with me but it worked out pretty well. Actually, we ended up taking a lot of images! Three sets to be exact! Here is the first one.
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Kimono by Ben Ernst

Dancing in a beautiful, colourful, authentic antique Japanese Kimono, captured by my friend photographer from the Netherlands, Ben Ernst.
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Ivor Paanakker… and…. Game of Thrones!

I've some exciting new images shot last year (but only just received) by Ivor to show you. We always produce top results when we work together, and these images are so different to our past work. I just love them.

Photography: Ivor Paanaakker

Make up: Pascale Oeyen

Styling: Marike de Kan

Location: the Netherlands, 2015

And, in other news, as some of you may know. I've been trying my hand at acting recently, and have had some success. Last week I was screened in Game of Thones, just a small part, but in my favourite TV series. For those who watch it, its episode 7 of series 6. The scene with Theon Grayjoy.

I also had a part in a Dutch film, Beyond Sleep. It is out now. It is in English, and a very beautiful film set in Norway based on a famous Dutch novel. I can highly recommend it.

I hope that you are enjoying the summer, if the rain ever stops, Ill head to the beach!

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Sea Side by Luc Bollen

Frolicking with Fredau in the Dutch waves, a few weeks ago, on one of summers first days. These images are straight from the camera.
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