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Just Chillin by Stefano Brunesci

Shot by fabulous photographer Stefano. His work is always Photoshop free, and full of emotion!

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Sunset girl with Gabriela by Norbert B

Isn't this just one of the nicest sunset views ever?

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Sugar Factory by Ben Ernst

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Your Style with Joya by Ivor paanakker

Here are the last images shot with beautiful Joya, by Ivor, wearing high fashion designer clothing in opulent settings, we wrestle by the entrance of a room.

Styling: Marieke de Kan
Make Up and Hair: Tamara Sauer
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The WC by Mcinnes

Ive had this set for a while, I couldnt decide to publish it or not as I found the colours difficult to work with. I had a member request for a similar set however, and after some tweaking ive managed to achieve a colour result that Im actually quite happy with, I hope that you like them too, bit of a different setting for this set :).
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Casual by Luc Bollan

Posing with beautiful Fredau again!
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Soaking by Brecht

In a fancy hotel, wearing a one-piece Melody Wicked Weasel swimsuit in a hot tub, as you do!

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Puerta by Aesthetique

Thinking of a warm sunny place!

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Sleek by Stefano Brunesci

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Grace by Stefan Soell

Then Eurynome, Ocean’s fair daughter,
bore to Zeus the three Graces, all fair-cheeked,
Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and shapely Thalia;
their alluring eyes glance from under their brows,
and from their eyelids drips desire that unstrings the limbs
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Leggy by RBB2

wearing beautiful Maison Close lingerie
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Bonus set Berlin by Christoph Boecken

These moody black and white analog images were taken a few weeks ago in an empty apartment in Berlin by photographer Christoph Boecken. I love them, and although they were not shot for this website Christoph has kindly let me share the full set with you on here, not to download but to view. I hope you like them!

I was in Berlin with my good friend Nirmala, we also attended a gallery opening there in the Helmut Newton Museum by our friend Greg Gorman who we both model for. Ive also included some images of us together which I thought were really cute.

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