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Siren of Crete, Art Video by Vincent Rustuel

So I have had a long absence on here due to family reasons. I'm now back and will be uploading again :). Here is a video shot in Crete (you need to download it to view it, its too large for me to upload here), where I was born. Vincent came out and we spent two wonderful days shooting this video. I hope you enjoy it!
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Wall by Stefano Brunesci with backstage video

Last Autumn I worked with the famous black and white photographer Stefano Brunesci in England. I'm very happy to have two sets to show you from that day, here is the first and the second will come in a few weeks. Some images from the session were also featured in Cole Magazine which I am very happy about. Cole is a new high end erotic and nude magazine edited by a lovely Norwegan photographer, Dana Cole. Below you can see me with a signed first edition that Dana sent me :). If you want to purchase a signed copy of the set from this magazine let me know!

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Rich! Lookbook

Hello People.

Some fashion images, just to prove that I can still do fashion hehe!

I was invited to shoot for the Rich! Spril/Summer 2014 look book a few weeks ago. It was a short, intensive shoot where I had to wear dozens of t shirts in a few hours, but he team and atmosphere were top during the shoot so the results were fantastic!
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AEZ wheels

In summer I won a social media competition to be a Bond girl for AEZ alloys, a high end alloy wheel company. If you look on the AEZ website, you can see their alloys, but also download some cool wallpapers from the shoot!
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Video Set – Dreaming Of My Zoi



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Bonus Set – Zurich Video by Stephan Brauchli

I was in Switzerland shooting fine art nude with Stephan Brauchli (see bonus set Jurasic), and on the day that I was leaving we shot this impromptu video in Zurich before the flight. The screen shots are below:
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Andalusia Backstage with Video


Like I said on my blog, I was in Andalusia in Spain for a 1 week photography workshop held by Thorsten Jankowski last month.

He took the main image here on that workshop.

I made my own backstage images and little video (the video and images are both in the zip file).
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Crete Holiday Snaps and Video

Hello Lovelies!

I was in beautiful Crete last week for a full week to relax and holiday. For October the weather was unusually warm and it was 30 degrees Celsius every day which meant I got lots of time to top up my tan.  
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Relax by Chris, with video!

Doing some nice relaxing sunbathing in the garden, lets hope the neighbors don't see 😛

This set is shot in England and has happy, vibrant and sunny colours. There is also a lovely video clip to go along side the images.
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Arty Farty Videos

I did some fun video work for an American painter turned director Michael Lasoff (in guy in the main image :P) in Amsterdam last month. He uses experimental cool painting techniques over conventional video to create a really unusual and interesting video finish. Here are the clips which he has uploaded to Vimeo:
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