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Pool with A View by Jens Edman

During May 2012 reclining by a beautiful pool and admiring a perfect view in Alicante, Spain with the hot sun on my bare body.
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Javea by Jens Edman

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Some Fashion Images and Portraits from Andalusia

PayPal Problems!


I have discovered today that I have some Paypal issues.

Apparently anybody viewing the Paypal page to join Wonderland (my lovely members section) from a US IP address rather annoyingly gets the Dutch language Paypal page.

I have spent all day on the phone to Paypal and browsed all of the on line forums and it seems to be that this is a glitch in the Dutch Paypal system and a few other people are also suffering from this problem and have not found a solution.
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Black Widow by McInnes

It is almost All Hallows Eve....
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Crete Holiday Snaps and Video

Hello Lovelies!

I was in beautiful Crete last week for a full week to relax and holiday. For October the weather was unusually warm and it was 30 degrees Celsius every day which meant I got lots of time to top up my tan.  
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**BONUS IMAGES** Stephen Brauchli-Mars

I'm a super sexy naked space cowboy from Mars 🙂
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Bonus Set Glam by RBB2

Because every girl needs some glamour 🙂

I just love the silky feel and glamorous look of this unusual vintage style body, and combined with a spot light lighting effect it really gives the vintage touch.

Shot in Toulon, France by RBB2. lingerie by Made by Niki.

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Te Extraño by Jon

Te Extraño..... I miss you....

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Morning again!

It seems like all my blog posts have been complaining about the weather... but REALLY! Where is the summer? Another shoot cancelled this week because of it. GRRR! Global warming + modelling/photography DO NOT MIX! I'm honestly flabbergasted (cool word eh??) by people who still say that global warming isn't happening! Like honestly, just look out the window! It was hail stoning last week! In July! Im really not looking forward to the day the gulf stream decides so switch off and we all start freezing.
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Good Morning (Part 3) by McInnes

I wake up slowly, bathed in morning light then shower, make myself beautiful and ready for the day and then prepare a tasty breakfast of rich coffee with freshly baked bread...
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Good Morning (Part 2) by McInnes

The second part of this three part series. To see the first part, click below:

Good Morning Part 1

Good Morning Part 3

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**BONUS IMAGES** – Marc Lagrange

I shared a few images from this on a blog a couple of weeks back, here is the full selection of images that were taken during my shoot with famous Belgium photographer Marc Legrange. I love them, I hope you will too!
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